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Page 8 - Pasture Views




This is not every angle, but will give you an idea of the excellent condition of the pasture and show that the trees are all trimmed under.


Backyard View
Showing Partial of
Sidewalk to Barn


Backyard View #2


Backyard View Different Angle


Pines Trees Planted to Shade Horses Gravesites
from the Morning Sun


Oak Oak Tree Planted
(from an Acorn off the Big Oak in the Backyard)
to Shade the Horses Gravesites 
from the Afternoon Sun 

Oak Tree Planted (from Acorn off Big Oak in Backyard)
 to Shade Horses Gravesites in the Afternoon


Different Angle
Showing Fenced Pond on Right


Center View


Partial West Side View


Looking North from the West

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