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I feel the most notable reason for purchasing a pre-owned home and/or land, is a person gets more for their money than starting from scratch. At this price for Two Brick Homes with their Own Road Frontage and Driveways, 11.2 Acres, 4,100 square foot Barn  and other improvements and buildings; in my opinion, I have accomplished that for the Purchaser.  The non-real estate items I am leaving amounts to a handsome sum, yet  are not included in the price.  I am leaving them due to the fact I will be changing my lifestyle and will no longer need these items in my day to day living; therefore I would like the new owner to have them.

I may be contacted through
OR Phone: (281) 331-2373 
I will be happy to discuss, in detail, the property with your Loan Officer; just e-mail me the Loan Officer's name and phone number or give the Loan Officer my number.
OR,  I invite you to call me at 281 / 331-2373 and I will be happy to discuss this and any additional information with you (i.e. Schools, Dining, Attractions, Shopping, etc.)

Thank you for your interest and Have A Great Day!


Call for Available Dates to
Schedule an Appointment or
with any questions at 281 / 331-2373 or
A copy of your Pre-Approval (not Pre-Qualified) Letter from your loan officer is required for an appointment or if no loan is needed, then a letter from your bank or financial adviser stating no such loan is needed to purchase this particular real estate.
If you need to discuss  the approval process, give me a call, I will be happy to help.
Also, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, after reading my website, at any time and however many calls you care to make until your questions are answered to your satisfaction, prior to an appointment.

"CONTINGENCY Contract" (until your property sells, etc.) is Acceptable, provided the time frame is agreeable.


Or You May Call: (281) 331-2373

(Happy to discuss any questions)

For Your Comparison:  Fell free to call me for a List of Other Properties For Sale or that have Sold recently in the area,  for comparison to mine.


BROKERS/AGENTS WELCOME on a flat $15,000 commission basis, due to:

1) This WEBSITE, if you go over every word and all pictures with your client, may sale for you/agent without leaving your office.

2) Suggested FINANCING is already established.

3) I must tell you/agent what specifics must go in CONTRACT, to be sure it is accepted first time offered.

4) I must SHOW the property, as there are items in my head Buyers would want to know, that you/agent are not familiar with.

Property Offered By


Prefer selling both properties,

but will consider dividing.


on 10 Acres

with All Extra Amenities




on 1.2 Acres



Call to Discuss the

Several Purchasing Options

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